Friday, August 7, 2009

Drivetime Audio Segments Now Available for August 10-14, 2009

Download this week’s drivetime programming at our Network Page at . Check out the schedule below or find a station near you that airs Backcountry Utah.

August 10, 2009
Monday Morning (Track 1) Highlights of the Ogden Balloon Festival—Nancy Seraphin
Monday Afternoon (Track 2) Taking Balloon Rides at the Ogden Balloon Festival--- Nancy Seraphin

August 11, 2009
Tuesday Morning (Track 3) Eye Candy at the Ogden Balloon Festival—Nancy Seraphin
Tuesday Afternoon (Track 4) Bring out the Broadheads before the Hunts—Shaun Graves, Bowhunters of Utah

August 12, 2009
Wednesday Morning (Track 5) Tune up Your Archery Skills—Shaun Graves, Bowhunters of Utah
Wednesday Afternoon (Track 6) Get Close to Wildlife during the Hunt- Shaun Graves, Bowhunters of Utah

August 13, 2009
Thursday Morning (Track 7) The Path to Archery Hunting—Shaun Graves, Bowhunters of Utah
Thursday Afternoon (Track 8 ) Native Cutthroat Trout in Little Cottonwood Canyon—Mike Slater, DWR

August 14, 2009
Friday Morning (Track 9) Catching Lake Trout along the Wasatch Front—Mike Slater, DWR
Friday Afternoon (Track 10) Targeting Bad Moles—Dr. Robert Andtbacka, Huntsman Cancer Institute