Saturday, February 6, 2010

Program Highlights for the February 6, 2010 Weekend Edition

Photo Courtesy MM and the Great Salt Lake Nature Center
MM is an avian photographer and friend of the Great Salt Lake Nature Center. She captured this great shot of a four year old Bald Eagle (it takes about 5 years for a Bald Eagle's head and tail feathers to fill in completely white) catching a carp here on Farmington Bay WMA's large Unit 1 Water Impoundment on Christmas Day 2009.

Saturday’s Weekend Edition is now available for download. Check out the great lineup of guests and topics for February 6, 2010. You can hear it along the Wasatch Front from 10 a.m.-11 a.m. on AM 630 KTKK.


Phil Douglass with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources will take us to Farmington Bay for some great Eagle viewing.

Guy Perkins with Camp Chef is getting prepared for Emergency Cooking with their Camp Oven.

Pat Leonard with Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology will invite you to the Great Backyard Bird Count.
Roger Wilson with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is Ice Fishing at Strawberry and shares some safety reminders.