Friday, March 5, 2010

Drivetime Audio Segments Now Available for March 8, 2009 - March 12, 2010

Download this week’s drivetime programming at our Network Page at  . Check out the schedule below or find a station near you that airs Backcountry Utah.


March 8, 2010
Monday Morning (Track 1) Developing Kite Skills for multiple Wind Sports--Craig Young, HQ Kites and Design

Monday Afternoon (Track 2) March Winds call to Kiters--Craig Young, HQ Kites and Design

March 9, 2010
Tuesday Morning (Track 3) Making Your first Turns behind a Kite--Craig Young, HQ Kites and Design
Tuesday Afternoon (Track 4) Tundra Swans return to Utah--Phil Douglass, DWR

March 10, 2010
Wednesday Morning (Track 5) Tundra Swan Viewing Locations--Phil Douglass, DWR
Wednesday Afternoon (Track 6) Come Prepared for Great Swan Viewing--Phil Douglass, DWR

March 11, 2010
Thursday Morning (Track 7) Non DEET Alternatives to Prevent Bites-- Frank Meyer, Adventure Medical Kits Free Repellents&cat=30 Based Repellents&cat=29

Thursday Afternoon (Track 8) After Bite Care --Frank Meyer, Adventure Medical Kits Bite & Sting&cat=31

March 12, 2010
 Friday Morning (Track 9) Georgia Giants from Ken's Fish Farm-- Jason Holyoak, Ken's Fish Farm

Friday Afternoon (Track 10) Flyfishing for Whitefish – Steve McGrath, Camp Chef