Friday, April 9, 2010

April 12, 2009 - April 16, 2010 Drivetime Audio Segments Now Available

Download this week’s drivetime programming at our Network Page at  . Check out the schedule below or find a station near you that airs Backcountry Utah.


April 12 2010
Monday Morning (Track 1) Early Spring Fishing in the Southeastern Region-- Brent Stettler, DWR

Monday Afternoon (Track 2) Brood Fish in Community Waters-- Brent Stettler, DWR

April 13, 2010
Tuesday Morning (Track 3) Spring Geocaching Fun-- Warren Huerdine, Geomate Jr.

Tuesday Afternoon (Track 4) Instant Geocaching Family Adventures-- Warren Huerdine, Geomate Jr

April 14, 2010
Wednesday Morning (Track 5) Affordable Family Geocaching-- Warren Huerdine, Geomate Jr.

Wednesday Afternoon (Track 6) Segway Tours of Old Moab-- Marion DeLay, Discover Moab

April 15, 2010
Thursday Morning (Track 7) Ride the Rapids near Moab-- Marion DeLay, Discover Moab

Thursday Afternoon (Track 8) Flyfishing the rivers before Spring Runoff-- Jon Malovich, Hardy and Greys  

April 16, 2010
Friday Morning (Track 9) Three Product Lines from Hardy and Greys Limited-- Jon Malovich

Friday Afternoon (Track 10) Triton Hot Water Heater – Guy Perkins, Camp Chef