Friday, June 11, 2010

June 14, 2010 - June 18, 2010 Drivetime Audio Segments Now Available

Sun Tunnels in Northwest Utah
Photo Coutresy Patrick Wiggins, NASA Solar System Ambassador to Utah

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June 14, 2010

Monday Morning (Track 1) Lunar Elipse—Patrick Wiggins, NASA Solar System Ambassador to Utah

Monday Afternoon (Track 2) Solstice Sun Tunnels-- Patrick Wiggins, NASA Solar System Ambassador to Utah

June 15, 2010
Tuesday Morning (Track 3) Lawn Mower Racing in Utah--Bruce Kaufman, US Lawnmower Racing Assn.

Tuesday Afternoon (Track 4) Fast Track to Lawn Mower Racing—Bruce Kaufman, US Lawnmower Racing Association

June 16, 2010
Wednesday Morning (Track 5) Race to the Stars this Weekend-- Danni Weigand, Clark Planetarium

Wednesday Afternoon (Track 6) Fast Fun for Father-- Danni Weigand, Clark Planetarium

June 17, 2010
Thursday Morning (Track 7)
Native American Dancing Returns to Soldier Hollow--Rosemary Giles, Heber Valley Pow Wow

Thursday Afternoon (Track 8) Bighorn Sheep Watch at Sunnyside-- Brent Stettler, DWR

June 18, 2010
Friday Morning (Track 9) Close Shots of Bighorn Sheep-- Brent Stettler, DWR

Friday Afternoon (Track 10) Father's Day Cooking Gift Ideas-- Natalie Brown, Camp Chef